Am I A Good Candidate for Orthodontic Care?

If you have crooked teeth, or if your bite doesn’t align, then you may be a candidate for orthodontic care. Good orthodontic care can help readjust your teeth to ensure they line up and are no longer crooked! If you think that you may need orthodontic care, start with a visit to the dentist in Cincinnati OH. Your dentist can diagnose your condition and make a referral for orthodontic treatment.

Signs You Need an Orthodontist

There are many signs that you need to see an orthodontist – and some of those signs may surprise you!

  • You have a hard time articulating certain sounds, or speaking correctly.
  • Chewing is difficult or tiring.
  • Your teeth are visibly crooked, uneven, or gapped.

Who Benefits from Orthodontic Care

Most people who need to get their teeth straightened or their jaw realigned can benefit from orthodontic care. Orthodontic treatment can help realign your teeth, making them straight. This can make speech easier and also makes eating food just a little easier as well!

Orthodontic Services We Provide

At Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry, we provide Invisalign services in Cincinnati OH. Invisalign products are invisible braces that correct dental problems by slowly nudging the teeth into the correct position.

Unlike braces, Invisalign can be removed whenever needed, making the teeth much easier to clean. And, because Invisalign products are very difficult to see, they won’t negatively impact your smile in the same way that metal braces will.

Do you think you need Invisalign services? If so, then contact Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry. Our dental professionals will give a dental examination and make recommendations for next steps. Find out more about how you could benefit from Invisalign invisible braces – call today.

Which Is Better – Invisalign or Traditional Braces?

Crooked teeth can be straightened in a variety of ways. Many orthodontists recommend Invisalign or traditional braces for their patients. Knowing the difference can help you decide which one is right for you. Your dental professional in Cincinnati OH can also help you make a decision, by giving you information about both types of dental appliances.

Pros and Cons to Both

There are advantages as well as disadvantages to Invisalign and traditional braces.

Invisalign pros: Invisalign is easy to put on and take off for cleaning your teeth and cleaning of the clear aligners. People who have Invisalign only need to wear their clear aligners for a portion of the day, which means they can take off their aligners if they want to eat food that would be problematic for their aligners. One more advantage to clear aligners – they aren’t easy to see! This means that you can smile without feeling self-conscious when you have clear aligners.

Invisalign cons: Clear aligners are more costly than traditional braces, so they don’t always fit into everyone’s budget.

Traditional braces pros: Traditional braces generally cost less than clear aligners, so they’re more affordable for people on a budget.

Traditional braces cons: Traditional braces can make it impossible to eat certain types of food, because the braces can be damaged. Braces can also cause discomfort because they consist of metal brackets that protrude from the teeth. Finally, traditional braces are more obvious and can make some people feel self-conscious.

Get a Recommendation from Your Orthodontist

Still not sure if you want Invisalign or traditional braces? Work with an orthodontist in Cincinnati OH to find out more. Your orthodontist can recommend a product that will work with your budget and accomplish your orthodontic goals.

What Is the Difference Between the Dentist and Orthodontist?

When you need specialized dental care, it’s important to know the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist. This way, you can be sure to visit a dental care professional who can take care of all your dental needs, such as orthodontics in Cincinnati.

What is a Dentist?

You probably already have an idea of what a dentist is, but might not know all the services a dentist can provide. First and foremost, a dentist’s job is to identify, treat and consult regarding dental issues and dental health. This includes things like:

  • Cavities
  • Abscesses
  • Cracks and fissures
  • Broken teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Cleaning
  • Whitening
  • Extractions
  • Soft tissue problems
  • And much more

What is an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists utilize braces, retainers, and bands, as well as other permanent and removable dental devices, to modify the position of teeth in the mouth. They can help with a variety of dental issues, including:

  • Teeth that are crooked
  • Overbites or Underbites
  • Teeth too close together/teeth too far apart
  • Misalignment of the jaw

Orthodontic treatment aims to fix a patient’s bite when it is out of alignment. Straight and regularly spaced teeth in the jaw will align with opposing teeth, enabling proper chewing, drinking and speaking. Visiting an orthodontist used to be linked only with youngsters or teens who needed braces. However, with today’s dental technology breakthroughs, orthodontists can treat issues like these in patients of almost any age.

In short, a dentist treats individual teeth and gums, while an orthodontist treats the overall placement of the teeth in the mouth.

Fortunately, at Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry, our team of doctors includes both dentists and orthodontists. So when you need to find an orthodontist or a dentist in Cincinnati, Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry is here to help. Contact us to book your appointment today!

3 Ways a Gap Between Front Teeth Can Be Corrected

A gap between your front teeth can be deemed as a desirable, unique attribute of your smile. However, some people prefer that the gap between their teeth be closed. Thankfully, there are a number of good cosmetic dentistry services in Cincinnati, OH that can correct this slight imperfection.


Invisalign is an innovative way to correct smile alignment issues. During the treatment, you wear a series of clear aligners that gradually apply focused pressure to the teeth to change their positions. For alignment issues as simple as a gap between your front teeth, Invisalign treatment can be highly effective, and the changes can be completed pretty quickly.

Teeth Bonding

Bonding is one of the most traditional procedures to address a gap between your front teeth. During this procedure, the dentist uses a biologically safe material to slightly widen each of your front teeth to make the gap smaller. As rudimentary as the process sounds, the end result can be profoundly impressive.


Dental veneers are thin covers that are installed over an existing tooth with a bonding agent. The veneer changes the outward appearance of the tooth and can be a good way to close a slight gap between your two front teeth. Impressions are taken of the existing teeth and the veneers are made slightly wider to close the opening as much as possible.

Ready to close the gap with the help of a Cincinnati dentist?

If you prefer to have a more uniform smile with no gaps between your teeth, a Cincinnati dentist can help with a full repertoire of tools and procedures that have been proven effective. If you are ready to get started, reach out to us at Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

Invisalign Vs. Traditional Braces

It’s time to straighten your teeth to improve the appearance of your smile, and your dentist in Cincinnati, OH, has given you two choices: Invisalign or traditional braces. Which do you choose?

About Invisalign

Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic aligners to gradually move teeth into the desired position. These aligners are custom-designed to fit your mouth perfectly, and they’re easy to remove. Most people won’t know you’re wearing them because they’re much less visible than traditional metal braces. Aside from this, aligners have other benefits, too, including:

  • Can be taken in and out for eating and cleaning
  • Require fewer follow-up visits to your dentist
  • No worries about food getting caught in your aligners
  • No wires or brackets to brush and floss
  • Are comparable in price to traditional braces

You must wear Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day to get the most benefit. This means taking them out only for brief periods of time to eat, brush, and floss. This also means you must be somewhat disciplined in the way you wear your aligners.

About Traditional Braces

Traditional braces use a system of metal wires and brackets attached to individual teeth to shift and reposition them into the desired locations. Braces are usually highly visible when you smile or talk, but you can customize the color. You can’t remove braces at home to eat or sleep. However, they have some advantages over clear aligners. These include:

  • Ability to treat more complex dental issues
  • Work faster than aligners because they can’t be removed at home
  • May cost less than clear aligners

Regardless of which option you select, you can rest assured both will work to straighten and improve the appearance of your teeth. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which allows you to choose the method that best fits your lifestyle and habits.

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