Early Warning Signs of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease can often be overlooked home, which often leads to it being left untreated for a long time. If a dentist doesn’t treat periodontal disease in time, it will ultimately lead to tooth loss. However, periodontal disease does have early warning signs that can help you get to the dentist in Cincinnati on time. Here are some of the early warning signs to be aware of.

Dental Exams Can Detect Periodontal Disease

The early onset of periodontal disease can be detected during a routine dental exam, which includes a gentle probing area of the teeth and gums pockets. Your Cincinnati dentist will measure the depth of each pocket. The deeper the pocket, the more serious the issue. Healthy gums will appear pink in color, and gum tissue closely hugs the teeth. But In the early stages of periodontal disease, even these symptoms might be hard to spot at home. That’s why regular dental checkups are so essential.

Early Warning Signs to Look Out For

The most common early warning sign of periodontal disease is bad breath that doesn’t go away, even after brushing the teeth and flossing. Bad breath often signifies that there is unchecked bacterial growth in the gums which is not being naturally maintained by the saliva and good bacteria in the mouth. Regular brushing won’t get rid of bacteria in the gums; another reason to consult with your dentist regularly. Another common sign is tender gums and gums that are swollen and bleeding. Periodontal disease leads to inflamed gums that bleed easily. If you often see blood in the sink after brushing and rinsing, contact your dentist. The third early warning sign of periodontal disease is one or more loose teeth. Because gum tissue pulls away from the teeth with periodontal disease, teeth may shift position or become loose in their sockets. Left untreated, you can expect tooth loss later on. As periodontal disease advances, symptoms become more obvious, but you shouldn’t wait until this point to meet with your Cincinnati dentist. Book an appointment today if you have any of the early warning signs mentioned above. Saving your natural teeth may depend upon it.

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