Fluoride – Fact Versus Fiction

You’ve probably heard various things about fluoride over the years, but how do you know what’s fact and what’s fiction? Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference. So today we are going to give you what your dentist in Cincinnati, OH believes is the truth about fluoride and what is just a myth.

Fact Versus Fiction When It Comes to Using Fluoride

Here are the most common myths about using fluoride—what’s true and what’s not.

Fiction: If you drink fluoridated water, you will eventually get fluorosis.

Fact: Fluoride occurs naturally in almost all water, but not at a level that is high enough to protect your teeth. And if you are concerned about the amount of fluoride added to the water in the United States, it is very low and, therefore, the risk of developing fluorosis is also very low. However, there have been some cases reported, but the related symptoms were mild.

Fiction: Fluoride is a chemical added to water.

Fact: Fluoride is a mineral and when added to the water, has proven health benefits such as protecting your teeth. This is similar to iodine being added to salt and Vitamin D being added to milk.

Fiction: Fluoride is dangerous to a child’s health

Fact: Your pediatric dentist in Cincinnati, OH will tell you fluoride doesn’t pose a risk to children when used accordingly. Drinking fluoridated water has been proven to help prevent tooth decay and it helps strengthen a child’s teeth.

Fiction: The water doesn’t need fluoride added to it because toothpaste already has fluoride in it.

Fact: The amount of fluoride in toothpaste isn’t high enough to adequately fight tooth decay and protect your teeth. However, the combination of the two will provide the optimum protection.

Fiction: The chance of autism increases when using fluoridated water.

Fact: There has been no evidence indicating that the chance of autism increases when children use fluoride or drink fluoridated water.

What’s Next?

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