How Could Removing a Tooth Be Good?

It’s good to take care of your teeth and gums to help avoid the need for removing a tooth from decay, and a dentist often has methods for saving a natural tooth. Yet, there are cases where a tooth extraction in Cincinnati is a positive thing that will help your mouth and oral health, and tooth extraction doesn’t always equate to poor oral hygiene. Here are positive reasons for tooth extraction and how it can help:

Tooth Damage

In many cases, a tooth can be saved if it’s damaged from various causes, such as cracking or decay. But if the damage has gone too far—which means past the gum line or past the point where a root canal or antibiotics solve the problem—it’s necessary to remove the tooth. In this situation, extraction can prevent damage from progressing. For example, the damage could lead to infection, which can potentially spread throughout the body, and removing the tooth provides a solution. Sometimes, extraction is the best course of action for people with a weakened immune system to avoid the chance of infection from a damaged tooth.

Tooth Crowding

The mouth can have more teeth than it can fit or teeth that are too large for the size of the mouth. This problem doesn’t have anything to do with oral hygiene, but it can cause the need for a tooth extraction. Removing the tooth gives the benefit of creating extra room and preventing problems to the bite and oral health. In applicable cases, removing teeth allows an orthodontist to align the teeth in the best way possible.

Teeth Under the Surface

Another issue is when teeth aren’t able to break through the gum line. This generally happens because there isn’t enough room for the new tooth to squeeze into, usually occurring with the wisdom teeth in the back of the mouth. Leaving the impacted tooth alone has the potential to lead to dental problems, such as gum disease, pain, or tooth decay. Removing the tooth can prevent problems and ensure there’s enough space for the rest of the teeth.

The best way to know if tooth extraction would help is to talk to your dentist in Cincinnati, OH. A dentist can discuss the pros and cons of all of your options.

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