Is My Teen a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Your teenager needs braces, but they are adamant that they want the invisible version like Invisalign instead. Not every patient is a good Invisalign candidate, but many are. How do you know if your teen’s Invisalign preference is a good idea specifically for them? Here are a few things to consider before you talk to the dentist about what your teen prefers where braces are concerned.

How responsible is your teen?

When you opt for Invisalign in Cincinnati, you are given a series of aligners that have to be changed periodically. Furthermore, the prescribed aligners have to be worn for most of the day. Since these braces can technically be taken off, it is important that you have a teenager who is responsible enough to wear the aligners when they are supposed to and change their aligners as directed by the dentist.

What kind of bite problems does your teen have?

Invisalign braces work well for a lot of different bite problems, but it is not the best fit for every type of issue. Some problems that can be corrected include:

  • Slight overcrowding of the teeth
  • Gaps in between certain teeth
  • General crookedness of the bite
  • Slight underbite and overbite problems

If your teen has more severe problems, such as a major overbite or crossbite, these issues may not be best for Invisalign treatment. Invisalign works best for mild to moderate bite problems.

What is the primary reason your teen wants invisible braces?

Does your teen want invisible braces because they are self-conscious about what they will look like with traditional braces? Is your teen interested in braces that can be taken off as needed? Talk to your child about why they would prefer to have Invisalign over regular braces. Discuss these thoughts with your Cincinnati dentist when you go in for an initial consultation. It is important for the patient to have correct expectations with treatment.

Find Out More About Invisalign in Cincinnati, OH

For teens who have specific bite problems, can be responsible for their oral health, and make good candidates, Invisalign can be a logical solution for alignment issues. If you would like to know more about Invisalign treatment in Cincinnati, OH, reach out to us at Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry.

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