My Child Is Afraid of the Dentist. What Should I Do?

It’s natural for many children to be afraid of the dentist when they’re very young. Some children feel this way because they’re shy, others feel this way because the experience itself – having someone look inside their mouth – is unusual. If your child is afraid of going to the dentist in Cincinnati OH, there are things you can do to make teeth cleaning easier for your child. Here’s what you need to know.

Find the Right Dentist

Not all dentists know how to make children feel comfortable. It’s best to bring your child to a dentist who regularly sees pediatric patients, and who has strategies for making children feel at home when they come in for a teeth cleaning.

As you’re looking for pediatric dentists in Cincinnati OH, call dentists to ask them what they do to make their younger patients feel at home when they come in for their cleaning. Find a dentist who has methods that sound like they would work for your child.

Speak Positively About the Dentist

Children often develop their parents’ attitudes. One of the ways that you can influence your child to have a good attitude about the dentist is to show a good attitude yourself. Speak positively about the dentist. Talk about how you like the way your teeth feel after they’ve been cleaned, and how it’s the dentist that helps you feel that way.

Read Books About the Dentist

There are many children’s books that portray the dentist in a positive light. Find some children’s books for your little one, and read them to your child before it’s time to visit the dentist.

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