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Keep your Kids’ Summer Smile Bright
Saturday, July 8, 2017

Summer days are here!  School is out and kids are home enjoying all of the traditional summer memories they’ve been dreaming about all school year.  This is the time of year where routines and responsibilities seem to take a back seat to soaking up the sun and creating memories.  Just make sure that during this time, healthy dental habits stay reinforced so they can smile in style when the new school year begins.

Summer is filled with nights making s’mores by the campfire and days of chasing the ice cream truck for a sweet treat.  Just keep in mind - as they lounge around the house snacking on treats and drinking sodas - that sugar is the #1 culprit in the development of tooth decay that leads to cavities.  Let the kids indulge and have fun munching on their sweet treats, just keep it in check so they don’t develop destructive habits.  Offer fresh seasonal fruits, make sorbets and smoothies without added sweeteners, have natural fruit juices available as an option instead of soft drinks.  Even slight reductions and minor adjustments help protect them from an awful toothache.

Speaking of sticky, sticking to a normal oral hygiene routine in the summer can be vital to a healthy smile for your kiddo.  It’s so easy to lose good habits during the summer when they’re not on such a regimented schedule.  Sleepovers, vacations, and staying up late can throw off the regular rhythm and they can begin to neglect their regular habits that protect them from developing decay and gum disease.  Reinforcing that they brush their teeth a minimum of twice a day and continue flossing regularly will keep them on track.  Scheduling a check-up with their pediatric dentist in the summer can encourage them toward healthier habits as well.  Most parents schedule before the new school year.  Scheduling a check-up during the summer can help prevent dental emergencies while on vacation as well.

Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry is happy to help you keep your child on a healthy track to good oral health this summer.  Give us a call today at 513-648-9900 for a free consultation or to schedule your check-up.


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