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The Foods that Ruin your Smile
Thursday, October 18, 2018

“A smile is a curve that sets many things straight”

The world needs optimism and happiness dearly, both literally and figuratively. As much as the world has been affected by wars, diseases, natural disasters, etc., sending clouds of gloom over some parts of the world, there are other factors that might dissuade people from laughing or even smiling. One of these reasons is discolored or damaged teeth.

A survey conducted on the subject revealed that almost 48% people were unhappy with their teeth and of these 64% stated that the reason for not being satisfied with their pearly whites is because they are not so ‘pearly white’ after all, i.e. they have discolored teeth.

So what do we do to avoid our teeth from being discolored? For starters, regular care is important. This includes brushing twice a day or after every meal if you want to be extra careful and flossing at least once every day. There are certain foods that contribute to teeth staining and discoloration too. Some of them are listed below:

Coffee and Alcohol

Coffee is like the friend you’ve become addicted to and fail to see the hidden, hypocritical side of. Studies have shown that coffee is a major contributor to teeth staining. Ranging from brown to black in color, regular consumption of coffee makes your teeth want to blend in and adopt the same color because it contains caffeine that dries out your mouth and stains your teeth.

Alcohol is another addictive beverage that contributes to tooth staining. Not directly but indirectly! The drink dries out your mouth, resulting in a lack of saliva which in turn causes bacteria to flourish in the oral cavity. This means a higher risk of tooth decay and stained or discolored teeth.

Sticky, Chewy Candies and Sugar Loaded Foods

Sugar is the worst enemy that teeth every encounter during their life span. This is because it is the ideal food source for the community of bacteria hiding in your oral cavity. Couple sugars with stickiness and you’re literally begging to get your teeth discolored. Chewy candies leave bits and pieces in your mouth even after you’re done eating, allowing harmful agents to feast while you rest. Avoid sugary sticky candies or be sure to brush your teeth when you’ve consumed them.

Sodas and Sports Drinks

To the usual person this list might seem to be a throw off as it has every other food that we cherish today. However, it is backed by sound research conducted by some of the finest institutes and individuals around the world.

The carbon and sugar combination is lethal for the health and color of your teeth mainly because of the immense amount of sugars in the drinks and then the dehydrating effect that they have on your oral cavity. In short, you provide food for the bacteria and shut down your defense mechanism, i.e. saliva production. You’re literally asking to get your teeth spoiled.

Providing your teeth with regular care through brushing and flossing and avoiding detrimental foods are just a few basic steps that you can take to avoid the embarrassment of smiling with yellow teeth. If you’ve already discolored your teeth, contact a dentist near you for a complete guide on getting your confidence to smile back.


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