What Is the Color of Your Gums Trying to Tell You? 

When you go in for your annual checkup and teeth cleaning in Cincinnati, OH, the dentist will spend a lot of time looking at your teeth. However, one other important thing the doctor will be looking at is the color and health of your gums. The fact is, the color of your gums can indicate you are facing certain oral health problems. Check out what your gums may be communicating according to what color they happen to be.

White or Pale Gums

White or pale gums can be a sign of a few different issues. For one, any issues with low iron can make your gums appear pale or whitish in color. White-toned gums can also be a sign of some type of infection, such as viral or fungal infection.

Red or Bright Pink Gums

If your gums are extremely red or dark pink, you are likely dealing with some level of inflammation. Touch your gums to determine if they feel sore or swollen. You may even experience sensitivity when you brush your teeth or eat.

Yellow Gums

The color yellow or brown is never a good sign for gum tissue. Yellow can be a sign of gingivitis, and darker yellow, almost brown, may mean the situation is pretty severe. For some people, however, their gum tissue is naturally brown, but if the color is changing around the teeth and getting darker, this can still be a sign that something is wrong.

Visit a Cincinnati, OH Dentist If You Suspect a Problem

Any time something about your gums look off, it may be time to visit a Cincinnati, OH dentist for advice. Reach out to us at Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment so we can take a closer look.