What Makes Teeth Crack Easily?

While teeth are naturally hard, some people such as yourself may find your teeth are prone to cracking very easily. Even though tooth enamel is known to be one of your body’s hardest substances, this doesn’t seem to be helping your situation. Cracked teeth not only look unsightly, the cracks themselves can leave teeth vulnerable to bacteria, which can accelerate decay. Your dentist in Cincinnati, OH can repair cracked teeth, but if you’re wondering why your teeth crack easily, here are some reasons.

Eating Hard Foods

Like many people, you may enjoy chewing on ice from a soft drink, eating some pieces of hard candy during the holidays, or perhaps treating yourself to a piece of peanut brittle. Unfortunately, eating these hard foods is likely contributing to your problem with cracked teeth. Even the simple act of eating fried chicken with extra crispy coating can make some people experience a cracked tooth. By cutting down substantially on foods like this, you may be able to avoid cracks in the teeth in the future.


If you have a family history of problematic teeth, genetics may be to blame for your problem. Also, if you are over age 50, your chances of having cracked teeth increase, since tooth enamel can start to erode as you get older. If you do have chronic issues with teeth, make sure you see your Cincinnati, OH dentist often.

Certain Medications

If you suffer from such conditions as acid reflux or heartburn, these conditions can make you more prone to having teeth that easily crack. If you are taking medications for these conditions, either prescription or over-the-counter, these medications can also increase the risk of you having cracked teeth.

Teeth Grinding

A common problem for many people, excessive teeth grinding can play a factor in making your teeth more prone to cracking. Since the grinding puts an extraordinary amount of pressure on your teeth, it can eventually make them weaker, increasing the chances they will crack.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Finally, failing to brush and floss regularly will lead to tooth decay, cavities, and likely gum disease, all of which will make your teeth weaker.

By eliminating certain foods from your diet, practicing excellent oral hygiene and seeing your dentist at least once every six months, your teeth can be as strong as possible.