When Is It Time to Go to the Dentist?

Seeing the dentist on a regular basis is important. If you don’t see your dentist often enough, you could find yourself facing problems like poor dental hygiene, cavities and gum disease. Knowing how often to go to the dentist, and when it’s time to make an appointment, can help you take care of your teeth. Here’s what you need to know about seeing the dentist in Cincinnati OH.

Every 6 Months

Most dentists recommend patients return for a general exam and cleaning every six months. If you have a condition that warrants regular attention, your dentist may recommend that you return for a follow-up exam sooner than six months after your most recent appointment. If your teeth are in excellent condition and your oral hygiene is very good, it’s possible that your dentist will recommend you wait for a year before returning. Ultimately, it’s best to see the dentist for teeth cleaning services in Cincinnati OH on the schedule they recommend.

When You Think It’s An Emergency

If you’re having a dental emergency, visit the dentist right away. A dental emergency may include losing a tooth, traumatic injury to your teeth, swelling or excessive pain in your teeth. Don’t wait to see the dentist. If you’re having an emergency, call the dentist ASAP.

If You’re Seeing Signs of a Problem

Have you recently noticed that your teeth bleed when you brush, or your breath is bad no matter how often you brush? This could be an indication of a condition like gum disease. It’s not a dental emergency, but it is a problem. See your dentist!

To make an appointment, contact our offices to make an appointment. Don’t wait, make it happen today!