I Just Had My Teeth Whitened – Why Are They Sensitive?

When you get your teeth whitened with a dentist in Cincinnati OH, you’ll notice your teeth are whiter and brighter than usual. That’s why people get their teeth whitened, after all! You may also notice that your teeth may be sensitive for a little while following the tooth whitening procedure.

Anticipating this problem and knowing what to do about it can help you take care of your teeth. Here’s what to expect when you’re getting your teeth whitened with the dentist.

Why Teeth Whitening Can Cause Tooth Sensitivity

Dentists don’t know for sure why teeth whitening causes sensitivity. The most common theory is that teeth whitening products expose microtubules in the teeth, which causes the teeth to become slightly more porous (temporarily), thus making the teeth sensitive to the normal sensations they experience throughout the day.

Tooth sensitivity goes away after about a week. If your teeth are still sensitive a couple weeks following your tooth whitening appointment, talk to your dentist.

Benefits of Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Although tooth sensitivity may occur when you get your teeth whitened, there are many benefits to consider before deciding whether this is the right procedure for you.

  • Whitening can eliminate stains and make your teeth more attractive
  • Tooth whitening can give you more confidence in your smile
  • The effects of tooth whitening are long-lasting and affordable

How to Schedule Your Whitening Appointment

Are you interested in tooth whitening in Cincinnati OH? Do you have questions about the procedure, or would you like to schedule a tooth whitening session? If so, call the dental professionals at Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry. We perform tooth whitening for our patients – and we can do it for you too!

Thinking About Getting Your Teeth Whitened? An FAQ

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in the country. After all, who doesn’t want white teeth and a beautiful smile?

Over time, your teeth may become yellowed or even brownish, depending on your eating and oral hygiene habits. If you want white teeth again, you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know about tooth whitening with a dentist in Cincinnati OH.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening is always safe if you’re working with a dental professional. If you’re using an at-home whitening kit, it should be safe if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re worried about messing up the process and would like to ensure the work is done right, seek professional teeth whitening in Cincinnati.

Is it normal for your teeth to feel sensitive after whitening?

Yes, it’s common for your teeth to feel sensitive after a whitening procedure. Teeth can become dehydrated during the whitening, which makes them more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Once your teeth rehydrate (12 to 36 hours later), they should be back to normal.

How much will my teeth be whitened?

How much your teeth will be whitened during the procedure depends on the state of your teeth before whitening, and whether you’re hiring a professional or doing the whitening at home. At home whitening kits tend to be less effective than professional whitening.

What can I do to keep my teeth white?

Once your teeth have been whitened, you can prolong the effects by maintaining good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth regularly, and by swishing with water after eating or drinking staining foods.

If you’re serious about wanting white teeth, talk to your dentist at Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry. Call today.

3 Ways to Keep Your Teeth White in 2022

Is it important to you to keep your teeth white? You’re not the only one! If you’d like to maintain white teeth, there are many things that you can do to make this happen. Working with your dentist in Cincinnati is important. It’s also helpful to follow the tips outlined below.

1. Know Which Foods (and Drinks) Stain

There are many foods and drinks that can impact the appearance of your teeth. Some examples include:

  • Beet juice and beets
  • Red wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Berries
  • Tomato sauce
  • Soda

Some foods that can contribute to stains might surprise you: white wine, for example. This is because white wine is acidic, which means that it can deepen the pores and holes in your teeth, thus making your teeth more vulnerable to stains. Know which foods are acidic – these foods will always contribute to tooth stains.

When you eat or drink foods that stain, be sure to follow up with a swish of water to wash staining agents off your teeth.

2. See the Dentist Regularly

Go to your dentist regularly to keep your teeth clean and slick. This helps ensure that your teeth will stay slick and staining foods will slide off. You may also consider tooth whitening services in Cincinnati OH. Make an appointment as soon as possible!

3. Maintain a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Keep your teeth clean by brushing them two times each day: once in the morning, and once at night. When you go to your dentist, they’ll be able to tell you if you need to do anything else to keep your teeth clean. Flossing helps, so floss at least once per day!

Have more questions about ways to keep your teeth white? Contact Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry today.

How to Optimize Your Smile For Holiday Photos

Now that the holidays are here, it’s only a matter of time before you’re part of a family photo. However, if you aren’t happy with your smile, you may feel very self-conscious. To make sure your teeth look great the next time you smile for the camera, here are some things you can do before those holiday gatherings.

Professional Teeth Whitening

While you may be tempted to try those over-the-counter teeth whitening kits you can buy at the store, professional teeth whitening in Cincinnati, OH performed by your dentist will be better. If you don’t know what you’re doing and wind up overdoing your teeth whitening at home, you may wind up with teeth that have a translucent appearance, rather than the beautiful white smile you desire.

Teeth Cleanings

While a professional teeth whitening in Cincinnati, OH will help rid your teeth of stains that may have been produced from coffee, tobacco products, or perhaps tea or wine, having your teeth cleaned on a regular basis by your dentist will keep your teeth healthy and looking great. By having regular cleanings, your dentist can examine your teeth and mouth for any problems of which you may not be aware, allowing them to catch small problems before they become bigger.

Limit Certain Foods and Drinks

If you have problems with stained teeth, your professional teeth whitening will be easier to do and have your teeth looking even better than you imagined if you limit certain foods and drinks during the holidays. This should include limiting how many cups of coffee you have each day, putting aside the tobacco products, and passing on that extra glass of wine or tea.

By taking advantage of professional teeth whitening from your dentist and doing a few other things as well, your smile will shine in each and every holiday photo.

How to Preserve Your Bright, White Smile after Teeth Whitening

If you recently got Cincinnati, OH, teeth whitening treatments done, you’re undoubtedly looking for ways to preserve your bright, white smile. Otherwise, your dazzling teeth could end up back where they started as the stains start to set in. Fortunately, by taking the following steps, you can keep stains at bay and maximize the time between whitening treatments.

Skip Brightly Pigmented Foods and Drinks

Oftentimes, tooth stains set in after regularly enjoying brightly-pigmented foods, such as:

  • Curry
  • Soy sauce
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Tomato sauce
  • Beets
  • Berries

Coffee, soda, red wine, and other acidic drinks are problematic as well. They not only leave stains behind but can wreak havoc on your tooth enamel.

Rinse with Water After Eating and Drinking

If you’d rather not minimize how often you enjoy certain foods and drinks, you can commit to rinsing with water throughout the day. As you just swish a little water through your mouth after eating and drinking, you effectively wash the strong pigments away. With that move, the pigments do not have enough time to leave stains on your teeth, helping protect your beautiful smile.

Follow Good Oral Care Routines – Including Regular Cleanings

Nothing detracts from a bright white smile more than plaque deposits on the surface of your teeth. So, make sure to brush with fluoride toothpaste and floss at least twice a day.

In addition to that, visit your dentist to have your teeth cleaned about every six months for a little extra help. They will check the health of your teeth and polish them up right, so you can enjoy your clean, healthy teeth. Your dentist will also let you know when it’s time for a professional tooth whitening touchup.

Ready to Keep Your Teeth Bright White? Visit Your Dentist in Cincinnati, OH

Whether you’re looking for a little help keeping your teeth bright white or need to touch up your dazzling smile, you can count on our team at Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry to help. With a call to 513-648-9900, we’ll help you find a convenient time to visit your Cincinnati, OH, dentist for all the care you need. You can then rest assured that you have all the support you need to enjoy a healthy smile for life.