Soda and Your Smile – Is Soda Really Bad for Your Teeth?

Over half of people in the United States claim they drink soft drinks several times a week. Whether you call it a soft drink or a soda, the formulation is essentially a carbonated beverage with a number of flavors and ingredients, especially sugar. If you have a go-to soda several times a week like many others, the idea of dropping your favorite drink for the sake of your smile can sound intimidating for sure. So, are sodas really that bad for your smile? Here is a look at some of the general facts we want you to know at Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry.

Too many sodas can be a contributing factor to tooth decay.

Soda is one of the most widely recognized drinks that can contribute to the deterioration of your teeth through decay. Primarily, high-sugar content can pose risks. When you sip a sugary soda throughout the day, the sugar hangs out in your mouth and starts to cause damage to your teeth in the process.

Rinse, don’t brush, after consuming a soda.

Immediately after you have a soda, try rinsing your mouth with water. Swirl the water around in your mouth and slosh it through your teeth. Don’t brush your teeth just yet; soft drinks can actually soften the enameled surfaces of your teeth. Therefore, brushing immediately after having a soft drink may cause more harm than good. So, instead, simply rinse, and then make it a point to brush your teeth a bit later.

Some sodas can cause dark stains.

Dark sodas can be a bit of an issue because they can leave stains on your teeth. The dark, artificial coloring agents used in the manufacturing process can cause staining on their own. However, the added high-acidity paired with those coloring agents can heighten the problem.

Talk to a Dentist in Cincinnati, OH About Your Smile’s Health

Maybe you simply can’t get rid of your daily soda. Perhaps you are committed to making whatever change is necessary to protect your smile. In any case, we are always here to help at Kemper Meadow Family Dentistry. If you need a dentist in Cincinnati, OH to help you protect your smile, reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

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