Dental Insurance – Forest Park, OH

Helping You Understand Your Coverage

We know how frustrating dental insurance complexities can be. Our dental office will do all we can to maximize the benefits you receive from your dental insurance company.

You are responsible for payment in full at the time of service, and for your benefit and convenience, we accept several forms of payment. If you provide us with your current dental insurance information, we will electronically file your dental insurance claim form for you.

Dentistry team member talking about dental insurance with dentistry patient

What is dental insurance and what does it cover?

Dental insurance is a contract between the insured’s employer and a dental insurance company. The complexities of dental insurance can be very confusing, and the lack of information provided by many insurance companies makes it extremely difficult for patients to understand their benefits.

The benefits to which you are entitled are based on a contract negotiated between the employer and the dental insurance company. Dental offices are not party to the contract.

The dental insurance benefits provided to you are based on the cost of the policy to your employer. More expensive policies are a greater employment benefit to you, and these policies will typically provide you with greater insurance coverage. Less expensive policies will provide minimal coverage for only basic services. The majority of dental insurance plans provide coverage for only basic dental care services and usually only cover a portion of the fees for necessary dental treatment. Many needed dental services are not covered at all by dental insurance.

Dental insurance companies rarely cover 100% of dental fees and often cover less than 50% of the fee or nothing at all. With all dental insurance policies, you should expect to personally pay for some percentage of very basic dental services and for as much as 100% for many services.

Dental Insurance and Your Dental Care Needs

The only connection between dental insurance and your dental care needs is that your insurance MAY pay a portion of SOME of the dental care services that you need.

Insurance companies are not dentists, and they cannot evaluate your dental care needs or dictate your dental care treatment. They simply enter into an agreement with your employer to pay a portion of some of your dental care expenses. Keep in mind that dental insurance companies are not concerned about your dental health or about providing coverage for complete dental care. They merely provide some level of coverage for a limited number of basic services as required by a contract.

Only a licensed dentist can evaluate your dental care needs and prescribe appropriate treatment for those needs. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of quality dental health care. We are not willing to allow dental insurance contracts to compromise your dental health care. Likewise, people who care about their health will not allow dental insurance contracts to compromise their dental health care.