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Why Do I Have a Bump Along My Gum Line?

Ideally, your gums are supposed to be fairly smooth. While you may feel small ridges where the roots of your tooth are, you shouldn’t detect any obvious bumps. If you notice a bump along your gum line when you run your tongue or finger along the gums, a visit to your dentist in Cincinnati, OH will likely be needed. Here are some of the possible reasons for a bump along your gum line.

Periodontal Abscess

If you suffer from periodontal disease, you may develop a periodontal abscess along the gum line. These are causes by bacterial infections that collect as pus beneath the surface of the gum tissue. If your bump is highly sensitive or even painful, chances are that it’s a periodontal abscess. Get to your dentist in Cincinnati, OH as soon as possible for immediate relief and treatment.


A canker is a small sore that can form on the gum line and at other locations in the mouth. Technically, these are called mouth ulcers. They can be caused by infection, allergic reaction or from gum trauma, such as when your toothbrush slips and rakes along the gums. Cankers are usually painful, but benign. Call your dentist in Cincinnati, OH for advice about which over-the-counter remedy is best for your situation.

Dental Cyst

A dental cyst presents as a small bubble on the gum tissue. It’s usually filled with some kind of liquid, which will depend on the reason why the cyst filled. Dental cysts typically show up around diseased teeth or buried teeth that need to be extracted. They may be painless and harmless, or they may develop into an uncomfortable bump that needs attention. Your Cincinnati, OH dentist will be able to take care of any dental cyst that is bothersome.

Oral Fibroma

If you wear dentures, you may develop a bump along the gum line known as an oral fibroma. This kind of bump may feel cancerous, but it’s usually benign. However, an oral fibroma often indicates that your dentures need to be refitted, so book an appointment with your dentist in Cincinnati, OH just to be sure.

Any time you have a bump along your gum line that you’re not sure of, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with your dentist in Cincinnati, OH. We’re always happy to help.