What’s the Truth About BOTOX?

December 13, 2023

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The term BOTOX is derived from the name of the botulinum toxin. While unplanned exposure to this substance is harmful to humans and animals, doctors have found cosmetic, medical, and dental uses for it. Its ability to temporarily paralyze muscles allows it to treat issues like overactive bladder, muscle weakness and spasticity, and migraines. While many people have heard of BOTOX, there are many common misconceptions about the treatment. Here are a few popular falsehoods about BOTOX as well as how it can be used to treat dental conditions like bruxism, TMJ disorders, and others.

Falsehood #1: BOTOX Is Toxic

While BOTOX is manufactured from a known foodborne toxin, it has been approved by the FDA for many uses. A dose would have to be more than one hundred times higher than the average amount used in treatments to be toxic. Over more than two decades of use, BOTOX has established a history of safe and effective treatments.

Falsehood #2: BOTOX Is Painful

Many people are anxious about getting BOTOX treatments because they worry that they will hurt, but the truth is that most patients say that they only felt their treatment as a light pinch or that they didn’t notice the injection at all. BOTOX treatments are comfortable procedures that only require topical anesthesia.

Falsehood #3: BOTOX Is Only Useful for Getting Rid of Wrinkles

While BOTOX is perhaps most well-known for removing wrinkles and touching up facial lines, it also has a variety of medical uses. Its ability to temporarily paralyze muscles allows doctors and dentists to control or prevent problematic involuntary movements. In fact, it was first used to treat strabismus, an eye muscle issue. Today, BOTOX is used to treat migraines, back and neck pain, TMJ conditions, and hyperhidrosis.

BOTOX can alleviate the suffering that comes with dental health conditions such as bruxism and TMJ issues. By knowing the truths behind these common misconceptions, you stand to make a more informed decision about the best course of treatment.

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Dr. Alexandra Kulwin earned her dental degree from the Indiana University School of Dentistry and specializes in cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, crowns, and bonding. She is an active member of the American Dental Association, the Ohio Dental Association, and the Cincinnati Dental Society. Her office in Cincinnati, OH offers preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry as well as BOTOX treatments. For more information on what BOTOX can do for you, contact the office online or dial (513) 648-9900.

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