I’m Worried About Dry Socket, What Can I Do to Avoid It After Tooth Extraction?

October 13, 2023

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A man holding his jaw due to the pain of dry socket

If you’ve recently gone through a tooth extraction, you may be worried about dry socket. This condition is painful and can be frightening when it occurs. Not to worry! There are several actions you can take to reduce your chances of getting dry socket and ensure good oral health throughout your recovery.

If you want to learn how to avoid dry socket and heal from your extraction in a safe, efficient way, continue reading.

What Is Dry Socket?

Dry socket occurs when the blood clot that forms over the socket left after a tooth extraction is disrupted. This causes the area to open and become exposed to air, bacteria, and food particles. It also exposes the bone and nerves below your gums, causing intense pain.

What Can I Do to Avoid Dry Socket?

As scary as dry socket may be, it’s also totally preventable. In fact, most people who follow the guidelines below are never affected by the condition.

1. Avoid Using Straws or Creating Suction
After a tooth extraction, you must avoid creating suction in your mouth. This means refraining from using straws, as the sucking motion can dislodge the blood clot that forms in the socket. If you’ve ever needed an excuse for an adult sippy cup, this is it.

2. Eat Soft Foods

In the first few days following a tooth extraction, stick to a soft food diet. Options like yogurt, mashed potatoes, soup, and scrambled eggs can be both tasty and therapeutic for your gums as they heal. Also, avoid crunchy, hard, or spicy foods that can disrupt the healing process and irritate the extraction site.

3. Use Proper Oral Hygiene

Just because your gums are healing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up with your oral care routine. After the first 24 hours, continue brushing your teeth as normal, but avoid the extraction site. You don’t want to disturb the blood clot.

Your dentist may recommend a special mouthwash or saline solution to keep the area clean and avoid infection, but you should be very gentle when moving the liquid around in your mouth.

4. Don’t Use Tobacco or Alcohol

Processed tobacco has hundreds of harmful chemicals in it. Alcohol will dry out your mouth. Both will delay the healing process and make the prospect of dry socket far more likely. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol until the wound from your extraction is fully healed. This process usually takes around two to three weeks.

Preventing dry socket is entirely within your control by following these guidelines. With diligence and discipline, you can create a smooth and uneventful healing process after a tooth extraction. If you have any concerns or questions about your specific situation, consult with your dentist. They can provide personalized guidance to ensure your recovery goes without a hitch.

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