3 Things That Contribute to the Success of Dental Implants

April 12, 2023

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Dental implants are considered one of the most successful options for replacing missing teeth. They provide a permanent solution that can restore your smile to its natural appearance and function. Dental implants are an ideal alternative to traditional crowns and dentures, as they can improve your quality of life and help you feel more confident in social situations. They are also incredibly successful, but why is that? Keep reading to learn threes reasons why this procedure has such a high success rate.

Reason #1: Dental Implants Preserve Your Jawbone

Osseointegration is a crucial process in dental implant surgery as it is responsible for creating a strong foundation for the crown or restoration. The process can take four to six months, during which the jawbone fuses with the implant, ensuring its stability and longevity.

When a tooth is lost, the jawbone no longer receives the necessary stimulation from the tooth’s root, causing it to lose density and mass over time. This can lead to a host of issues, such as shifting teeth, further tooth loss, and even changes in facial structure.

However, dental implants can help prevent these problems by providing the jawbone with the necessary stimulation to maintain its density and mass. By replacing the missing tooth’s root with a dental implant, the jawbone remains healthy, allowing you to maintain a healthy and natural-looking smile.

Reason #2: Dental Implants Look & Work Like Real Teeth

As previously mentioned, osseointegration creates a durable foundation for the replacement tooth, allowing you to regain at least 80% of your bite power. With dental implants, you can confidently eat, speak, laugh, and smile without the worry of slippage or discomfort that can be experienced with traditional dentures.

Moreover, dental implants are color-matched to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. They also reflect light in the same way as tooth enamel, providing a realistic and natural-looking result.

Reason #3: Dental Implants Are Long-Lasting

With proper care, dental implants can last for many years, making them the most durable solution for missing teeth that can last for decades or even a lifetime. Some ways you can make your implants last for as long as possible include:

  • Limit the consumption of starch, sugar, and sticky or acidic foods and drinks to prevent erosion and decay
  • Minimize or avoid excessive alcohol and tobacco use, which may lead to gum disease or oral cancer
  • Include tooth-friendly foods in your diet, such as dairy products, fish, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, to promote healthy teeth and gums
  • Refrain from using your teeth as tools or biting on hard objects, as this can cause chips, fractures, or even tooth loss

Consider consulting with your dentist if you have missing teeth and want to regain your smile and functionality. Dental implants can be a viable solution to replace your teeth. Your dentist can provide you with the necessary information and guidance to determine whether dental implants are a suitable option for you.

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